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5 Books For Bloggers

Today, I’m going to give you 5 books that I think you should be reading if you are a blogger or if you are just starting out in blogging.

I’m only going to give you a brief rundown of each book, but I’ll include the links to my full book reviews if you want more information.

I want to keep this post/video as short and to-the-point as possible, so let’s get going.

1. Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

crush it gary vaynerchuk roseanna sunley book review

Crush It! is all about how to get paid and make a business out of something that you love. 

Gary has recently brought out an updated version of this book called Crushing It!, but I am assuming that it goes along the same lines.

This book helps you to get your head in the game, to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve from producing content, and how to create a loyal audience of followers. 

Gary is very big on giving value. The whole book has the underlining message that you should genuinely care about your followers, be as authentic as possible, and give as much value as you can.

2. Content Machine by Dan Norris

Content Machine by Dan Norris Roseanna Sunley Book Review

This book teaches you how to drive traffic using content marketing.

Dan uncovers how you should structure your blog posts, how you should do keyword research, how you can give Google the right signals to help push you up the SERPs rankings, plus more.

That might sound a bit technical if you’ve not touched SEO before, but he explains it in such a simple and easy-to-understand manner that anyone will be able to get to grips with it. 

If you do any type of blogging or content marketing then you need to be following the principles set out in this book.

If you get nothing else out of this video/post, you need this book.

3. How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn

How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn roseanna sunley book review

Yes, this is about books and publishing, but Joanna also covers blogging and other ways that you can make an income online.

As a blogger, you are constantly producing content in the form of blog posts. This book helps to open your mind to other possibilities and ways you can repurpose your content.

A great little book that will show you other ways you can monetize.

4. The Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestly

Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley Book Review Roseanna Sunley

I love this book and I scored it very highly.

The Key Person of Influence gives you a five-step method to become an influencer in your market. You can take the step-by-step method, put it into action, and get instant value from it.

Yes, blogging covers a bit of that, but, as the title suggests, Daniel also covers how to create your brand and build your influence.

A great book with great actionable content.

5. The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith roseanna sunley book review

I gave this book a really weird review, however, I do think that the information contained in this book is really valuable.

As it says on the front cover, the book helps you to make things happen rather than just making noise.

As mentioned, I gave it a dodgy review, but I can’t argue with the quality of the information that is in this book. It will still be a very valuable read to a blogger.


So, there you go, my top 5 book recommendations for bloggers.

Let me know what you think and if you would add other books to the list.

And, if you have read any of the books, please head over to their reviews and leave them a Reader Rating – I’d love to get your opinion on them.

Roseanna x 

P.S. Re-visiting this post 2 years after I wrote it, I would also like to add in The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith 

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1 Comment

  1. I haven’t read any of these books before but I’ll be sure to pick them up!

    1. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of value of them.

      Thanks for popping by my blog and thanks for the comment 🙂 x

  2. I have the e-book, Crushing It! But I haven’t read it yet. I loved Content Machine and Key Person of Influence! I have ordered The Impact Equation, but it hasn’t gotten here yet. And How to Make a Living with your Writing looks really interesting. I may as well check that one out at some point haha!

    1. Hey Ashely,
      Sorry for the late reply – I must have missed the notification of a new comment.
      Sounds like you’re building quite a reading list! Hope you’re finding my recommendations useful 🙂

      (Content Machine and Key Person of Influence are my faves!)

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