It’s no secret that I LOVE physical books.

Up until this post, all the content that I have digested from books has been done the old fashioned way – buying a book, picking it up, and reading it.

But in an effort to make better use of my time, I decided to give an Amazon Audible free trial a bash!

Audiobook experience

Confession: This isn’t the first time that I have tried to listen to audiobooks. It’s actually my second go.

I tried it once before but admit that I didn’t give it enough of a shot. I only listened for about an hour (maybe two) and then turned it off.

During that hour I didn’t feel as though I learned anything. All the content went in one ear and out the other – literally!

We all have different learning styles and audio learning is not mine.

But…I have a dog!

Meet Winston

Winston is a brown working cocker spaniel. I got him from a rescue center when he was 14 months old. He’s 7 years old now and my little partner in crime.

winston amazon audible audiobooks roseanna sunley business book reviews

Anyone that has ever owned a spaniel will know that they have lots and lots (and lots) of energy. Which is great when we’re out hiking and camping, but not so great when I’m at home working.

To make sure that his physical and mental needs are met, we go on a minimum of 3 walks a day, totaling on average around 4-5miles (6.5-8km).

…and that’s me walking 4-5miles! Winston is off his lead most of the time so he does much much more!

Overall, I am out of the house walking about 1.5-2 hours per day.

I need MY walks

Sometimes I wish I was able to have those extra 2 hours a day working. That would be like getting a whole extra day and having an 8-day week!!

But then I remind myself that I need the time out of the house for my own health and sanity. It’s not just for my dog.

If I didn’t have a dog to walk, I would probably never leave the house.

I do EVERYTHING online!

I could go days without speaking to a real-life human face to face.

So, even though these dog walks take up a lot of my time, they get me up from my desk, get me moving, get me out into the fresh air, and stop me vegetating at my desk.

But what if I could leverage those extra 2 hours every day and consume audiobooks?

Say hello to Amazon Audible

I headed back to the Audible website looking to sign up.

At that time, Amazon had an offering of a 90-day free trial with 3 free audiobook credits (one free credit every 30-days).

Perfect! That’s a good length of time to ensure that I could give it a proper go, rather than just bailing after the first hour.

So, I completed my details, used my first free credit to download Money by Rob Moore, installed the Amazon Audible app onto my phone, and off I went with my dog.

Triple leverage

A little trick that I learned from reading Rob Moore’s previous book, Life Leverage, was to increase the playback speed of the audio.

Rather than listening to the book at x1 speed (the speed at which it was recorded), you can speed it up to x1.25, x1.5, and even x2!

I started by increasing it to x1.25.

Although the playback sounded a little strange at first, after a few minutes, I got used to it and it seemed perfectly normal.

I plan to keep gradually notching up the speed until I can comfortably listen at x2 speed. This means that if an audiobook is 8 hours long, I could digest it in only 4 hours! (#GameChanger!)

Audiobook retention

As mentioned earlier, I do not find it easy to learn through audio.

Whilst I was walking around the park, throwing Winston’s frisbee and picking up his poo (because I’m a responsible dog owner) there were times I completely lost track of what I was being told through my orange earphones.

I would stop and rewind the audio, or sometimes re-start the chapter, and listen again but this time making sure to pay more attention.

I was shocked that upon playback, I could actually remember what the author was talking about and the point he was trying to make.

Even though if you had asked me before rewinding what he was talking about, I wouldn’t have been able to answer. But as soon as he started speaking again, it was as though I could remember every word – kind of like an unconscious competence.

Because of this, I make a point to never rewind. Instead, I simply have to trust that I have retained what I need to know and I carry on.

Will I continue with audiobooks?

Yes, I will.

I will still prioritize my daily reading sessions, but since I’ll be out walking my dog anyway, it makes sense to maximize the use of that time by listening to audiobooks.

I may not get as much out of the book compared to if I was able to hold it in my hands and sit in a quiet place to read it, but even if I get 1 extra nugget or 1 key takeaway a day, that’s still 7 extra pieces of useful information per week without me having to do anything else except stick a pair of headphones in.

I also believe that the more I listen to audiobooks, the better I will become at learning through audio.

Do you want to give Amazon Audible a go?

If you would like to give Amazon Audible a bash, you can click here and sign up for a free trial.

Don’t forget to come back and let me know how you got on with it.

If you’re a frequent listener of audiobooks, I’d love to know if you have any book recommendations and/or any hints and tips that will enhance my listening experience.

Let me know in the comments below.

Roseanna x 

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