How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits in 7 Months by Patric Morgan

I spotted this book whilst I was browsing Amazon.

It has a catchy title and I thought it would make an interesting read.

I had just started blogging at the time and thought that being able to achieve one million visits in only seven months would be awesome, so I grabbed myself a cheap copy from the used book section.

Short and sweet?

“How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits in 7 Months” is only 60 pages long and can easily be read from cover to cover in just one sitting.

However, even though this book only requires a minor time commitment on the part of the reader, I didn’t feel as though the time spent on this book was worthwhile.

Let me explain.

The author achieved one million visits to his blog in seven months by creating content that had a high propensity to go viral.

Although I’m sure that everyone would want their content to go viral, and one million hits are not to be sniffed at no matter how you get them, his methods are of zero use to me (or most other bloggers out there).

What’s his website about?

So, the website that the author grew was a spoof news website. In other words, he invented fake news but with a tongue-in-cheek twist.

Since the content was entertaining and amusing, it was highly likely to be shared when it was published on social media, and therefore, go viral.

For example, one of the stories that the author tells, which went viral and got him about 40,000 hits in a day, was a story that he made up for Halloween. The tale was the sorry story of a man dressed up as Jack the Ripper, but when he needed to scratch his ass, he accidentally cut off his penis. (!!)

That was the type of spoof news he created and the people who found it amusing shared it like wildfire.

However, for the rest of us creating content such as “Top 10 Tips When Travelling to Paris”, the chances of going viral are a lot less.

What’s in the book?

The book contains nothing about good quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization), other than a tiny bit about your permalink structure.

Therefore, I assume that the author didn’t get his one million visitors by pushing his blog up the search engine rankings. Instead, he achieved it mainly by creating viral, shareable content.

Would you get value from reading this book?

If you are considering creating a spoof news channel, and you want to create viral ‘click-bait’ content, then it will be worth your time and a small investment to buy and read this book.

However, if you are creating blog posts entitled, “Top 10 Tips on How to Perfect Your Knitting,” then this book isn’t really going to be worth your time.

One good thing…

There is one point in the book, which I did find quite valuable, and that is how to “work your way backward.”

When you have a particular result in mind, the author shows you how to work your way backward and layout a plan to help you achieve that result.

Final thoughts

This is a very basic book that gives you an overview of how the author achieved one million visits to his blog in only seven months.

Although that is an achievement not to be sniffed at, how he achieved it may not suit everyone.

If you want to create click-bait, viral content, or viral traffic, this could be a useful little book for you. However, if you’re going to drive traffic through high-quality content marketing, then this isn’t the book you want. Instead, check out  Content Machine by Dan Norris, which is a fabulous book covering the more technical aspects of blogging and SEO.

Have you read “How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits In 7 Months”?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of “How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits In 7 Months.”

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to add your own review in the box below. 

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How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits in 7 Months


A very basic book giving you an overview of how he achieved 1 million visits to his blog in 7 months. Although this is an achievement and not to be sniffed at, the way in which he achieved it may not suit everyone. It would be a helpful little book for those that want to create click-bait, viral content and/or viral traffic. However, if you are wanting to drive traffic through high-quality content marketing, this is not the book for you.

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