I’m guessing that most of the people reading this post already know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. If you don’t, you must have been living under a rock!

This guy is everywhere on the internet and anyone who has anything to do with entrepreneurship should know the name, Gary Vee.

If you don’t, do a bit of Googling and you’ll find tonnes of great content to get stuck in to.

Where did #AskGaryVee come from?

Gary Vaynerchuk runs a show on YouTube called the #AskGaryVee Show. People tweet him questions using the hashtag #AskGaryVee and then Gary answers their questions in a video.

The best questions and answers were transcribed and put together to create this book.

This is a perfect example of re-purposing content.

By publishing a book, Gary not only creates another revenue stream but also reaches another part of his audience.

Not everyone wants to sit and watch YouTube videos, some people would rather digest his content in a written format, and this book allows them to do just that.

About the book

On the front cover it describes this book as being about leadership, social media, self-awareness, winning, marketing, venture capital, digital media, influencers, company culture, start-ups, attention, content management, empathy, legacy, parenting, family business, storytelling, jabbing and right hooking (if you’ve ever read his other book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook), hustling, and the New York Jets.

I’m sure you’ll agree that is a lot of very diverse content to squeeze into just one book!

The layout

The book is laid out exactly as you would expect. Following the layout of the YouTube show, there is a question which is then followed by Gary’s answer, another question, and then another answer.

Because of this, #AskGaryVee is a very faced paced book and you move from question to question rather quickly.

It’s just pure value with minimum fluff and waffle.

The book has been organized really well and they’ve grouped questions on similar topics into the same chapter. For example, you’ll find all the questions and answers on social media in one chapter, and all the questions and answers on start-ups in another chapter.

Gary not only covers the typical business questions about marketing, social media, producing content, engaging your audience, etc. He also covers topics such as working in a family business and juggling entrepreneurship with parenting. These topics add another complex layer to the world of business and I’ve not found much information on them in the other books that I have read.

My overall thoughts

I personally got a lot of value out of this book and made several notes of things to implement on my own social media channels and websites whilst reading it.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what you will learn from this book. The content is so diverse and it covers such a multitude of things that your takeaways will be dependent on where you currently are in your entrepreneurial journey.

But, if you are an entrepreneur, then I highly recommend you pick this book up and give it a read. I’m sure you’ll find at least one nugget or piece of information valuable.

Have you read #AskGaryVee?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of #AskGaryVee. 

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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This book has been created by repurposing the content from the #AskGaryVee Show on YouTube. The content is very diverse and it covers a multitude of business-related topics. If you are an entrepreneur, then I highly recommend that you pick this book up and give it a read. I'm sure you'll find at least one nugget or piece of information valuable.

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