I first heard about this book from Russell Brunson when he was giving a talk at one of his Funnel Hacking Live events.

I was watching it on a live stream via Facebook and he was going over the basic principles of the book and how it has helped him personally with his own business. 

From that moment on, I saw the book mentioned a lot in entrepreneurship circles and was influenced to buy it and see what all the fuss was about.

From a red ocean to a blue ocean

The idea behind the ‘blue ocean strategy’ is to move your business out of a red ocean market and into a blue ocean market.

A red ocean is created when lots of businesses are operating in the same market space. They’ve all got a similar product/service and they’re all targeting the same customer demographic. Because every business is fighting for the same customer, the waters become bloodied and turn red, hence the name ‘a red ocean.’

This book shows you how to remove yourself from the red ocean and, through product differentiation and marketing, position yourself so that you are in the clear waters of a blue ocean.

In a blue ocean, you make the competition irrelevant, opening up abundance for your business in the form of new customers that you may not have thought of targeting before.
That doesn’t necessarily mean changing your product or service dramatically. You’re still staying in the same industry. Effectively, you remain within your sector, but you make yourself stand out by presenting a different proposition to your target market, or you could even create a totally new target market.

This is a business book!

One thing that I must emphasize is that it is very definitely a business book, and it isn’t a light bedtime read.

I like the fact that there’s no waffle in this book. Instead, there’s a lot of valuable information that’s straight to the point. The authors explain how to create a blue ocean and the strategy behind that process. That’s it.

However, some people have noted that they found the book to be a bit ‘dry’ at times, and although I can understand where this point comes from, the job of the authors was to explain a business strategy, and that’s what they’ve done.

Was the book worth the price?

Blue Ocean Strategy isn’t the cheapest book I’ve bought to review. When I look at the average amount of money I spend on a book, this book was double!

So, was the expense worth it?

Personally, I found the book extremely valuable. In my opinion, I had already got my money back as soon as I had reached page 31! So, was it worth the expense? Yes!

I’ve implemented some of the ideas contained in the book, which have already made more money for my business.

Is it just innovation and disruption?

When I first began reading the book, I wondered if the blue ocean strategy was just about being innovative and disruptive, and, in a way, it is. After all, you need to create that uncontested market space in order to have your blue ocean.

But I’ve read books on how to be disruptive before (a recent one that pops into my head is Disrupt Yourself by Jay Samit), and most of them tend to be quite loose in their ideas, whereas this book is very definitive about how to develop a strategy that innovates and disrupts.

The book also explains how to get your workforce onboard and accepting the big changes you’ll need to make to create your own blue ocean. It’s human nature for us to resist change, and this can create up-roar in larger organizations. As a solo entrepreneur, these chapters don’t apply to me personally, but I can still see the value in those pages.

Final thoughts

This is a great book, but it isn’t going to be for everybody.

The book is a hard-hitting, strictly business-oriented read, and you may find that you have to read it slowly so that you can absorb all the information it contains in each chapter.

However, if you are in a position where you want to remove yourself from a red ocean and create a blue ocean, then this book will be very valuable to you and could potentially be worth a lot of money to your business in the long-term.

Have you read Blue Ocean Strategy?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and leave your own book review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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This book thoroughly deserves to be a 10/10 book! It's insanely valuable and for the right person, it could potentially be worth a lot of money to their business in the long-term. However, the book is a hard-hitting, strictly business-oriented read and some other people have noted that they found it a bit 'dry'.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. How long is the book?

    1. From what I can remember, I think it’s about 300 pages

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