A small disclaimer first to let you know that this book was not on my original reading list. Instead, this book was gifted to me in order to produce a review for it. But that does not guarantee the book a positive review and all reviews remain 100% my own honest opinion.

What is Creating Business Magic about?

This book has been written by three business experts who also happen to be professional magicians.

The authors aim to demonstrate the crossover between magic and business and how you can use the strategies of magic to improve your business.

I don’t like magic

When I was sent this book, I don’t think the authors were aware that I don’t like magic; not knowing what is going to happen next in a magical performance makes me feel very uneasy.

I am also very squeamish and I don’t do well with blood or death-defying stunts – even though I know they’re just illusions – and therefore I am always anticipating the worst.

Combine that with dramatic music and plot twists, and it all becomes a bit too much for me.

But, even though magic does put me on the edge of my seat (and not in a good way) I did enjoy this book and I did learn a few things.

Magic and business

One of my biggest takeaways from this book is to understand that magic is all around us.

Magic is creativity, it’s imagination, it’s innovation, and it’s disruption.

Take my YouTube video at the top of this post as an example. When you watch that video you’re watching a recording from the past. It could be two weeks, four months, five years, or possibly even longer.

If I took that video, went back in time, and showed it to someone, it would more-than-likely freak them out. How can you be watching a person on a screen who isn’t physically there? That must be magic!

Another example is your smartphone. If you go back only 50 years and show someone all the capabilities of your handheld device – apps, phone, touchscreen, video, camera, facetime, internet, etc. Again, they would be blown away and think that it was magic.

I’d also like to add that magic is in marketing – or at least, it’s in good marketing. Good marketing should speak to your customers’ aspirations and emotions and be able to capture their attention – exactly the same as magic.

Through reading this book I can begin to see the connection and crossovers between magic and business.

Learning the business of magic

The book is broken down into nine strategies of magic.

The authors take these strategies and look at each one individually; first in the magic sense, and secondly on how you can apply it to your business.

And then my favorite part of the book is what they’ve called ‘The Magic List’ right at the very end.

The Magic List is a review of everything you have learned throughout the book – it’s like your own personal checklist for creating business magic.

Would I recommend Creating Business Magic?

In most cases, if I’m truly honest, I would not recommend this book.

The reason being is that this book would suit only a certain type of person.

It’s obviously not for the employed 9-5’ers (hence the book’s name, Creating ‘Business’ Magic).

With regards to new entrepreneurs, I don’t believe this book would be a good fit either. I think that there are a lot more practical books out there that would give an entrepreneurial newbie more need-to-know and practical information to help them get their business idea off the ground.

In my opinion, this book is for the seasoned entrepreneur. Those that have been playing the game for some time; they know the rules, and they have been having some success. They’re no longer fighting for their business’s survival, instead, they want to push it to the next level. It’s in these cases where I would recommend this book.

Have you read Creating Business Magic?

This review is simply my own opinion, but if you have read Creating Business Magic, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the book.

Leave me a comment and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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Creating Business Magic


Creating Business Magic is a fresh and unique look at business. By observing the crossovers between business and magic, and learning what it takes to put on a flawless magical performance, you can understand 'how the power of magic can inspire, innovate, and revolutionize your business.' (Quoted from the book's front cover.)

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