Admittedly, although this book has been on my 2018 reading list for some time, I had no real clue what the book was about. I bought it simply because it was on the list. 

The title of the book is a bit vague and could have meant a lot of things. Yes, it’s promising to make my life and business easier, but I was still unaware of what exactly it was going to teach me.

What is ‘Life. Business: Just Got Easier’ about?

After reading it, I discovered that the book is made up of general life and business lessons that the author, Brad Burton, wants to share.

Each chapter begins with the title of a lesson which Brad then expands on using his own life experiences backed up with letters, testimonials, emails, etc from other business people.

Each chapter is then rounded off with a review page that allows you to note what you have learned and whether or not you think it’s going to make your life or business easier.

It’s written in a very quirky and relatable manner. It’s the type of conversational tone that you would expect if you were at Brad’s house and you were partaking in some after-dinner conversation.

A little side-note for my friends overseas: Because Brad is from the UK, there are a lot of UK references, but regardless of that you’ll still get the gist of the book even if you can’t relate to a single one of them (I read books from US authors all of the time and have no idea who they’re referring to, but I still get the lesson).

Design & layout

I have to mention that I really enjoyed the design and layout of this book – especially the injection of color and the use of vibrant orange.

At first, I was kinda shocked when I found orange on the interior pages because I thought that the cover of the book reflected black and red. Looking at it now, I think the cover is black with a darker orange (because no one puts red and orange together?!).

Overall, the colors make the book really stand out and differentiate it from anything else that I have on my shelves.

Would I recommend this book?

I’ll be completed honest and admit that this book isn’t up there with my top 10 business reads. The business and life lessons are somewhat generic and commonly found in most non-fiction self-help books. 

However, I still think it’s going to be valuable to the right person, and let’s not forget that it’s enjoyable (which is a common lacking trait in non-fiction business books).

Overall, it’s an entertaining business read that is going to be most useful to those that are just getting started.

Have you read ‘Life. Business: Just Got Easier’?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of ‘Life. Business: Just Got Easier’.

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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Life. Business: Just Got Easier


This book isn't up there with my top 10 business reads. However, I still think it's going to be valuable to the right person, and let's not forget that it is enjoyable (which is a common lacking trait in some non-fiction business books). Overall, it's an entertaining business read that is going to be most useful to those that are just getting started.

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