About Marketing: A Love Story

As the subtitle suggests, this book is all about how to create marketing that matters to your customers.

The author, Bernadette Jiwa, is not talking about marketing in terms of sales funnels, conversion rates, or A/B testing, she is talking about marketing that actually resonates with your customers.

In other words, marketing that shows you care and that you’re not trying to simply sell your product to make a quick buck.

Re-purposing content 

The first thing that I noticed when I started reading this book was how lengthy the Index of Contents is; it’s four pages!

You’re probably thinking that four pages isn’t that long, but for a book that is only around 100 pages in total length, having a four-page Index of Contents does seem somewhat excessive.

In the introduction, the author admits that the book is made up of a series of blog posts taken from her website, thestoryoftelling.com.

Now, I don’t have a problem with that, even though you can access the same content online free of charge, re-purposing content is very common, and it’s a very clever thing to do.

If you are going to take the time to write a blog, re-purposing it into different forms will help maximize your reach as well as increasing the amount of revenue that you can generate from the time it has taken you to create that content in the first place.

The problem that I do have with this book is that the blog posts used to create it are very short. If you open up the book randomly, you can see two or three blog posts on every double-page.

After visiting the author’s blog, I noticed that her blog posts were that short length too, and that’s why the Index of Contents is unusually long for such a small book.

NOTE: If you study content marketing, you will know that blog posts that rank the best in terms of SEO are blog posts that are long-form, full of content, and very thorough. Ideally, you’re looking at 1,500+ words. In comparison, I would say that the blog posts in this book are only around 300 to 500 words.


Because the chapters are short, and because they have been re-purposed from numerous blog posts, a lot of the material is repeated because some of the content overlaps.

So, although I read the book and enjoyed it, the fragmented nature of the text due to the “copy-and-paste” nature of the composition meant that I didn’t remember the main point of the book.

Basically, the book does contain some valuable information, but it’s very forgettable.

My overall thoughts

I think that the book would be dramatically improved if the author took the blog posts and re-ordered them so that they flowed in one continuous piece of content, as a proper book should do.

I believe that this would make the book more engaging and more memorable, and would also create more value for the reader, rather than leaving them feeling that they could have accessed all the content online for free.

So, for all those reasons, this has been a difficult book for me to review.

If you want to give this book a go, it is only a short book and therefore represents only a small-time commitment; you could easily read the book in one or two sessions.

Have you read “Marketing: A Love Story”?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of “Marketing: A Love Story.”

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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Marketing: A Love Story


This book has been created by re-purposing numerous blog posts that are published on the author's website. That is a very clever thing to do to maximize a piece of content, however, a lot of the material is regurgitated due to the fact that some of the content overlaps. So, although I read the book and enjoyed it, the cut-and-paste nature of the composition meant that I didn’t remember the main point of the book.

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