Following on from the original OMG

After I reviewed the original OMG book, the author, Geoff Ramm, got in touch with me to thank me for my review and asked if I would like a complimentary copy of his follow-up book, OMG Strikes Back.

I said that would be great, and in true Geoff Ramm OMG style, rather than just sending me a book in a boring brown envelope, he sent it in a small sparkly silver package with OMG stamped on the front, an OMG bag, and an extract from the book in postcard form.

OMG Strikes Back Roseanna Sunley Book Review

The items that he sent were not expensive, but they made it feel a little bit more special for me.

…and he even signed the book – the first signed book that I have ever received!


Originally, I read this book in bed.

I was turning the pages thinking about how late it was and how I really needed to go to sleep but then talking myself into reading just one more page.

I could have read OMG: Strikes Back in one sitting, but eventually, I did have to stop and I read the remainder of the book on my flight to Berlin the next day.

Every page, or double-page, has a different example on it, so it’s very easy to pick up and put down at any point.

What is OMG: Strikes Back about?

The OMG books are examples of interesting marketing ideas.

First, the author gives you lots of examples of marketing that is very boring and very predictable and then follows up with ways in which your marketing can stand out and be remembered.

There is a large range of examples of effective, memorable marketing campaigns, some from big brands, such as Mercedes, who have spent thousands on their campaigns. However, there are also lower-cost, sometimes free, successful marketing examples that small local businesses have implemented.


In direct comparison, this latest book is essentially exactly the same as the original, OMG, albeit with different examples.

I don’t think that ‘OMG Strikes Back’ is better or worse than the original OMG; they are pretty much on par, and the two books could be joined together as a complete follow-on, and you wouldn’t notice any difference.

I do love the OMG books because they are very different to anything else that is out there and they really get your creative juices flowing.

Have you read this book?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of “OMG Strikes Back.”

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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OMG Strikes Back


Following on from his first book, ‘OMG: Observational Marketing Greats’, Geoff has found more creative and 'bound to get you noticed' marketing ideas and included them here. This book is the perfect follow-on from the original OMG. In fact, the books could be glued together pretty much seamlessly. There is nothing worse than boring and predictable marketing, so for ideas on how you can stand out and be remembered, this book is an absolute must. Read this book, and you'll be buzzing with ideas!

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