You would be forgiven if you thought that this book, The 12 Week Year, was similar to The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss – I initially thought that too!

But no, this book is entirely different!

The 12 Week Year is not teaching you how you can work only 12 weeks per annum.

Instead, it encourages you to divide your year into 12-weekly chunks and then demonstrates how you can achieve more in that time-frame than what most people do in an entire year.

The 12 Week Year

The book is broken down into two parts.

  1. Understanding the concepts of execution and how to apply them in the right way (This section did take a while to get going. In my opinion, the second section is much better.)
  2. Making your goals happen

Glorified to-do lists

Throughout the book, the authors repeatedly mention that their goal setting and scheduling techniques are not glorified to-do lists…

but in actual fact…

they are!

Here’s the general gist of the method.

  1. Set goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 weeks.
  2. Break them goals up into smaller goals of what you need to achieve per week and per day in order to smash your overall goals at the end of the 12 week period.
  3. Make lists so you know what you have to do each day/week.
  4. Review yourself at the end of each week to check your performance and adjust where necessary.
  5. Repeat steps 3-5 until the end of the 12 week period.
  6. Repeat the whole process again for another 12 weeks with new goals.

Is there a simpler version?

I read (and loved!) the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, which instead of teaching you to create all these lists every week, teaches you to focus on finding and completing The One Thing.

The One Thing is ‘the one most important task, which by doing it, will make everything else easier or unnecessary’.

Both books, The One Thing and The 12 Week Year, focus on the importance of execution and ‘getting stuff done’, but I feel as though The One Thing is a much more simplistic version and ideal for those that don’t like glorified to-do lists.

However, if you like making lists and need a little more to help keep you focused, then The 12 Week Year is the book for you!

My overall thoughts

Although I’ve had some different opinions, as noted above, I still thought that this was a good and valuable book.

I got quite a few hints and tips from the book, which I noted in the Key Takeaway section of my reading workbook, and I believe that it will be a great book for those that want to take their focus, performance, and execution to the next level.

If I was going to sum this book up, I would describe it as ‘goal planning and scheduling on steroids’, there were just a few times when I felt the book had been dragged out and could have been more to the point.

Have you read The 12 Week Year?

This book review is my own personal opinion and experience of The 12 Week Year.

If you have read this book, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section, and please leave your own review of the book in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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The 12 Week Year


If I was going to sum this book up, I would describe it as 'goal planning and scheduling on steroids', there were just a few times when I felt the book had been dragged out and could have been more to the point.

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