I’m not even sure if I’m going to be able to write a blog post review on this book, however, here goes …!

So, this audiobook is just over one hour in length, although, I must admit, it felt much longer!

For a short piece of audio, it seemed as though I was listening to it foreverrrrrrrrrr.

What is “The Art of War” about?

Now, you would think that the subject matter of the book was self-explanatory, given the title.

However, I had heard about the book from other entrepreneurs and thought that it would contain elements that might be useful in a business environment.

But the book is literally about war.

That’s it!

The author writes about the tactics and movement of troops on the battlefield, and that, in nutshell, is what the book is all about.

I (mistakenly) thought that the book would contain information that could be applied to business and personal development, as in other similar books that I have read.

I expected the narrator to explain a war tactic and then give examples of how you can use it in your own everyday life.

Unfortunately, there was nothing like that in this book.

I listened to the whole thing (which was the longest hour of my life) only to find that it was literally all about the tactics of war.

There was nothing I could take from it at all.

Mistaken identity?

Now, there are many other books on Amazon that are called, “The Art of War.”

Some of these may well be rip-offs of the original book, and it might be that I have listened to a different version of the recommended book!

If you think that I have done this, please let me know in the comments below.

My overall thoughts

Maybe I missed the point, but for me, unless you are specifically interested in war tactics, you are not going to get anything from this book at all.

For that reason, I was very indecisive about whether to even give this audiobook a score. But since this book seems to be ‘highly recommended’ everywhere, (I have no idea why!) I thought that it was only fair for me to throw in my 2-cents and experience.

Have you listened to The Art of War?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of The Art of War.

If you’ve listened to this audiobook, share your thoughts in the comments section below, and let me know if I’ve completely missed the boat on this one!

Roseanna x 

The Art Of War


For an audiobook that is just over 1 hour in length, it felt as though I was listening to it for much much longer. Maybe I missed the point, but for me, unless you are specifically interested in war tactics, you are not going to get anything from this book at all.

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