NOTE: A similar book, but one that I reviewed higher, is The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä PhD.

What is Thrive about?

Arianna Huffington is the founder of The Huffington Post.

The book is about “redefining success and creating a happier life.”

In my early 20s, I tried to define what success meant to me. In other words, how much money did I have to earn, what type of car did I have to drive, and what type of house did I need to own before I could call myself successful.

As I got older, and I’m almost 30 at the time of writing, I’ve realized that those material goals are not indicative of success.

Instead, I’ve learned that the ultimate goal in life is to be happy, as wishy-washy as that sounds.

When we look at success in terms of money and power, we often neglect ourselves. We work ourselves into the ground, fail to have enough sleep, and lose focus on the things that really matter in life.

This book is trying to redefine what we deem to be “success”.

Written for the right reasons

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the book, I would like to say that I do have a lot of respect for the book, and I do feel that it was written for the right reasons.

Some books are written for monetary gain. In these circumstances, a book has been put together to create another product and revenue stream. I have no problem with this. If I had the skills to put together a book, I would do that too.

The second reason for writing a book is to increase the status of the author. After all, being able to call yourself an author raises your credibility and carries a certain degree of kudos.

However, I don’t feel that “Thrive” was written for either of those reasons.

I think that Huffington wrote this book because she just wanted to help people. She wanted to tell readers that it’s okay to not work 90+ hours every week, that it’s okay to get a full night’s sleep, that it’s okay to work from 9 to 5 and to take time off, and that it’s okay for people to switch their phone off whilst they’re on holiday.

As entrepreneurs, we do work long hours, we are constantly tied to our phones and email accounts, and we do neglect ourselves quite a lot in order to put in the hours that everyone around us is insisting is necessary to be successful.

For those reasons, I have a lot of respect for the book, and I believe that it has been written with the right intentions in mind.

My experience

At first, I found this book to be tedious and frustrating.

I felt that the book dwelt on one concept for far too long.

Were it not for the fact that I had to review this book; I’d have abandoned it after the first 100 pages!

However, I’m glad I persevered in reading the book to the end. We know that money and power will not bring you lasting happiness, and the author helps to remind you of what will.

Essentially, the book challenges you to look again at what you define as success and reminds you of what is really important.

Although I have to mention that even though the ‘quality of information’ standard is quite high, the ‘readability’ of it lets it down. It can often be very boring and very dry to read.

Have you read, “Thrive?”

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of “Thrive.”

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x 

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In the beginning, I found the book to be very tedious and frustrating to read. If I didn't have to review this book, I would have put it down. But...I am glad that I continued to read until the end. It is a reminder of what is important and challenges you to re-look at what you define as success. We all know that money and power will not bring lasting happiness - Arianna helps to remind you of what will.

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