At the end of 2018, I recorded a YouTube video containing ALL the books that I had read that year. (Click here if you want to watch that video on YouTube)

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that I read close to 50 books!

It took some time to round them all up from various places in the house, but when I had all of them stacked up on my table I took a photo and uploaded it to my Instagram – as you do!

A few moments later, someone commented and asked me what my top books were. I didn’t quite know what to say because there were so many good books in that pile!

…but to find out, I headed back here (to my blog) to see which books I had scored the highest in 2018.

It stands to reasons that the books I gave the highest review scores would also be my most recommended.

After scrolling through all of my posts, it turned out that (at the time of researching) I had only given 4 books the maximum score of 10/10!

So it made sense to do ‘My Top 4 Books of 2018.’

…and here they are.

1. Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth by Pete Williams

cadence by pete williams roseanna sunley business book reviews

If you have a business and/or sell some form of product or service, you need this book.

I have read a few books on business growth, but this is hands down the best one – and the simplest to implement!

2. Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

make your bed book review

A simple but very inspiring and motivational book.

This book came from a commencement speech that the author gave at a University (can’t remember which one) where he shared 10 life-lessons.

The speech was very well received, and later, the 10 life-lessons were put into this book and expanded upon.

3. Contagious by Jonah Berger

Contagious by Jonah Berger Roseanna Sunley Book Reviews

A brilliant little book for all marketers and business owners.

The author, Jonah Berger, uncovers the key aspects of what makes things spread in this modern day and age.

Contagious is not just theory, it also packs some great actionable content that you can use to implement into your own business/product/service.

4. The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä PhD

happiness track book review

This is one of the first books that I scored 10/10.

The Happiness Track explains how to apply the science of happiness to accelerate success. This book had a profound effect on me when I read it and I still follow the principles included in it to this day.

Missed one…

After recording My Top 4 Books of 2018 video for YouTube at the beginning of December, I scored another book 10/10 at the end of the month, meaning that there were no longer 4 books, there were now five.

And that fifth one was…

5. Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work by Cal Newport Roseanna Sunley Book Reviews

This book blew me away!

The author states that in order to be successful in life you need to be able to 1) learn hard things and 2) produce at an elite level, both of which require you to be able to practice Deep Work.

Deep Work, in a very dumbed-down explanation, is being in ‘the zone’, and Cal Newport explains exactly what that means and how to achieve it.

Done and dusted

Well, that’s the end of 2018 and also the end of this blog post.

If you have read any of the books on this list, please let me know what you thought of them in the comments below and if you would have given them 10/10 as well.

I’d also love to hear what your top books of 2018 were and if there are any that you would highly recommend I read.

Roseanna x

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