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Back in the day, before I committed myself to reading and reviewing books, I conducted a small study to find out what makes someone successful.

I discovered that one of the most common traits of successful people is that they read – a lot!

And they’re not reading just any books, they’re reading non-fiction books in their area of expertise and in general personal development.

One of the blog posts that I read when I was carrying out my mini-study, listed the reading statistics of the wealthy – how many books they read per year, what type of books they read, etc.

The post stated that those statistics came from the book Rich Habits by Thomas Corley, which is why this book was added to my reading list for this year. But after reading the book, I couldn’t find those stats anywhere.

Before I discovered that I had the wrong book (or the post that I read named the wrong book) I had very high hopes and expectations. Needless to say, they were shattered and I was thoroughly disappointed.

About Rich Habits

The book is a story of three people who are unsuccessful. They visit an accountant (whom I think maybe Thomas Corley himself since he is a Certified Public Accountant) who shares with them ‘The Rich Habits Training Programme’. After following this program, they all become much happier, financially better off, and more successful. The end.

The accountant (again, possibly Thomas) created this training program by noting the habits of his most successful and wealthiest clients. He discovered that those who were better off were doing things differently from those that were struggling or just getting by.

The Rich Habits Training Programme

In all honesty, the habits that he lists in this book I thought were pretty naff.

I don’t necessarily disagree with anything, I simply found them very underwhelming.

They go along the lines of:

  • Look after your health
  • Set goals
  • Learn and invest in yourself
  • Have good daily habits (yes, that is actually one of the Rich Habits)

Some of the habits remind me of the Law of Attraction, and if you’ve read any other personal development book, then you’re going to know all of this stuff already.

Don’t take his health advice

One of the chapters, or one of the Rich Habits, is about looking after your health, and I have some real issues with this section of the book.

Although I agree that your health is of paramount importance and you should invest in keeping your body and brain in tip-top condition, I believe that Thomas delves too far into the world of exercise and nutrition.

If this chapter was read by a Health & Fitness professional, I am almost certain that they would disagree with a lot of the advice that Thomas provides.

A small example is when Thomas advises you to cut your calorie intake and take up running. Sounds pretty ok on the surface, but in the story, Thomas explains how the character had hunger pains from the restricted calorie intake and pushed through until they subsided (!)

Now, I am not a Health & Fitness professional, but I do know that when trying to lose weight, you should not experience hunger pains. If this occurs, then your body will soon go into starvation mode and begin breaking down your muscles for energy instead of fat. The goal should be to increase your muscle mass because, as we all know, the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn.

A 90-page book that could have been 30

Yes, this is a very small book and a quick read.

If you’re an avid follower of my blog and YouTube channel, you’ll know that I don’t have a problem with small books. In fact, in most cases, I prefer them, as I can get the information very quickly and implement it almost instantly.

What I do dislike in books is when I feel as though they have been made longer for the sake of it. And even though this book is only 90-pages, only 30 of those pages present any real value. The remaining 60 pages are pointless.

Those that read the inner 30 pages, which details the Rich Habits, would get the same value out of the book as those who spend three times longer reading the full 90 pages.

My overall thoughts

I was very disappointed with this book.

There is nothing new in here and it didn’t provide me with much value (practically zero).

In my opinion, this should not be a book, it should be a blog post.

Have you read Rich Habits?

This book review is my personal opinion and experience of Rich Habits.

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to leave your own review in the box below. 

Roseanna x

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Rich Habits


I was very disappointed with this book. There is nothing new in here and it didn't provide me with much value (practically zero). In my opinion, this should not be a book, it should be a blog post. 

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