5 Very Important Reasons Why Your Business Website MUST Have a Blog Roseanna Sunley

No matter what company you run or what industry you are in, if you are going to have a website, then you must have a blog on it.

You probably think that all you need is a static website made up of a few pages telling visitors about your company, explaining what you do, how you can help them, and how they can contact you.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you want to have an online presence to generate customers, then a five-page static website isn’t going to cut the mustard.

You may think that a blog is irrelevant and that I’m just adding extra and unnecessary work to your already huge pile of things to do. After all, I’m asking you to spend time and money creating content to give away for free – but there’s a method behind the madness, just hear me out.

Reason #1 – Google loves it

Having a blog can help your SEO (search engine optimization) and improve your rankings in Google Search.

Firstly, Google loves a site that is always getting updated. Having a blog that you post to regularly is a great way of achieving this. It helps to let Google know that your site is still active. If your website was published six months ago and has never been touched since, Google may think that it is out of date, inactive, or no longer relevant.

Secondly, your blog content will help tell Google more about your website. For example, if your company sells pet food, then you may publish blogs that include tips on how to choose the right food for your cat or how to manage your dog’s weight, etc. All this content is giving Google information to help them index your site correctly and understand more about it.

And thirdly, Google loves first-hand information, discussions, and reviews. Therefore, your blog should have a comment section that will allow people to chip in their two cents or to ask questions. Activity in the comment section is also a little green flag to help show Google that people are engaged and interested in your site.

Reason #2 – More pages = more doors

Every page of your website is like a door.

In other words, every page creates another opportunity for people to find you and enter your site. The more doors you have to your site, the better.

Having a five-page static website that includes just the regular homepage, about page, contact page, etc. will give you just five doors.

If you add a blog to your website and post a new piece of content just once a week, by the end of the year you will have 52 additional doors – making you over 1000% more likely to be found compared to having just five doors.

Now, imagine if you published three posts per week. By the end of the year, your website would have 156 additional doors and ways to be found on the world-wide-web.

See how this works?

Reason #3 – To create leads

Within your blog posts, you have the option of offering additional content to engaged readers in exchange for an email address.

Going back to the pet food example again, you could offer a free download containing tips on how to assess your pet’s weight or health. If a visitor submitted his/her email address, then this is a valuable piece of information that you should not overlook.

You know that the person requesting the download has a pet, because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have been interested. Since they do have a pet, they’re going to need to purchase pet food from somewhere. You have therefore qualified that lead as a potential customer.

You can then use that data in email campaigns, remarketing campaigns, Facebook ads, and also to help you find out more about your target market and how to reach them easier.

Reason #4 – Become an authority while building relationships & trust

By giving away content, you are proving that you know what you’re talking about and providing reasons as to why people should listen to you. And over time you will start to build a relationship with your readers.     

By demonstrating your knowledge and skills on the service/products that you offer, people are more likely to trust that you can meet their needs.

Building relationships and trust will help bring you to the front of your customer’s mind. Therefore, the next time they need a service or product that you offer, you will be the first person that they will think of.

Becoming an authority in a particular industry can also help you to command a higher price for your time and skills.

Reason #5 – Boost social traffic

If you are writing good quality posts that are informative and useful, people are going to want to share that post amongst friends.

As people share your posts, more eyes will see them and more people are likely to click through and land on your website. Therefore, boosting your organic traffic.

Bonus – It all works together

All the above points will power each other and work together. They will help to bump up your website to gain more traffic and more customers.

You’re not just giving away free content, you’re helping Google to index and rank your website, you’re giving your target market a piece of information that they can share on social media, you’re demonstrating that you know you’re stuff and you’re the best company for the job, you’re creating more opportunities to be found online and you’re generating new leads.

All this by publishing at least one blog post once a week.

As you can see, having a static five-page website is no longer enough.  Add a blog to your website today and leverage the power of the internet, because most of your competitors aren’t.

Roseanna x

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