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Summer 2022 is almost here and it was time to dust off my camping equipment and go on an adventure!

I booked a large grass pitch at Pen Y Bont Farm in Anglesey, Wales, for the 11th-17th of May.

Game on!


…erm no.

The first trip of the year is always a ball ache! All my camping gear had been in storage all winter so the initial packing process is labor-intensive, taking far longer than it usually does.

After the first trip, everything is organized into plastic boxes and it’s just a case of putting them into the van, taking no more than a few hours.

In comparison, this trip took me three days to pack for! Digging everything out, making sure everything still works, ordering extra supplies where necessary, going through the list of items several times to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything, etc.

It almost made me not want to go.


Paddle board?

I chose Pen Y Bont Farm Campsite because it had direct access to not only the Anglesey Coastal Path but also secluded access to the Cymyran Strait; part of the Irish Sea contained between two bridges. A perfect area for me and my dog to go kayaking!

However, my inflatable kayak had a hole in it which I cleverly left until the last minute to try and fix. I had fixed a couple of other holes previously and they were very simple and straightforward, needing nothing more than a patch, so I assumed this one would be no different.

This hole, however, was on a seam. Patches and rubberized glue did not do the trick. So, after 3-years, lots of water adventures and fun memories, it was time to pronounce the kayak deceased.

I was considering buying another kayak but after scrolling through Amazon, I decided to go for a paddle board instead.

Three clicks later and I had purchased a DAMA 11ft inflatable board.

The only problem…

…it was due to arrive on the 11th May and I had to leave for the campsite on, you guessed it, the 11th May!

It was a 3-hour drive to get to Anglesey so the paddleboard had to arrive before 3pm at the latest if I was going to be able to take it with us.

After a morning of frequently checking my order progress in the Amazon app and stalking every movement of the delivery guy, I was in possession of my new paddle board just before 2pm.

After squeezing the box into the back of the van, we were on our way.

Day 1 – Tourist stop

Anglesey is an island just off the northwest coast of Wales and is connected by two bridges; the Menai Suspension Bridge and Port Britannia.

Google Maps took us over Port Britannia but it was the other bridge that I really wanted to see.

When the Menai Bridge was completed in January 1826, it was the biggest suspension bridge in the world and was described as “a triumph of engineering.”

After making it across to Anglesey, I briefly parked up in a Waitrose car park (my roof box made my van too tall to fit under the barrier into the designated car park), and Winston and I took a short walk around the Belgian Promenade to the Menai Bridge.

And it was spectacular!

meani suspension bridge roseanna sunley

One of those structures that fills the eye and looks different from every angle.

menai bridge anglesey wales roseanna sunley

It was well worth the small detour.

Day 1 – Park and pitch

We arrived at the campsite a little before 6pm.

After such a long time in the van, as soon as we had parked up, I took Winston for a walk out of the campsite and onto the coastal path.

At 10-years old, he still acts as though he has ‘never been let off the lead before’ when we arrive at new destinations; running back and forth, smelling everything, peeing on everything, all while his tail is wagging as fast as biologically possible.

The next job was to pitch my 4-man tent and shower tent. This also took a little longer than usual because I was a bit out of practice.

Day 1 – The campsite

I think this is the first campsite that I have stayed at which wasn’t a Camping and Caravanning Club site. Although I have no complaints about the club sites, this private site was a refreshing change.

The pitch space allocated to me was huge. I had plenty of space and privacy.

pen y bont campsite anglesey wales roseanna sunley

The center of the field is also purposely left empty giving you nice grass views as opposed to someone’s caravan arse.

The toilet and shower block had also just been built and was immaculately kept, making my evening showers much more enjoyable.

The only downside (and I am being persnickety here) was that due to the geographical location of the site, it was very windy! Not so bad if you’re staying in a motorhome, but very annoying when you’re staying in a tent and you have to listen to it rattle all night and day.

My last note is that the site is near an RAF base. Although this created a lot of noise, I didn’t mind it because I could watch various aircrafts go back and forth overhead, some in formation with others. (I’m not going to pretend that I know what type of planes and helicopters I saw, but they were interesting to look at.)

Day 2 – Off exploring

Day 2 had arrived and after a quick breakfast of porridge and banana, I gathered our stuff together and we hopped into the van for a 20-minute drive to the west side of the island.

After getting over the ÂŁ5 fee that I needed to pay to park my van (when did car parking charges get so expensive? I dislike paying for parking!), Winston and I wandered to view the South Stack Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on its own little island, with pedestrians needing to clamber down 400 steps to reach it, and was built in 1809 to warn passing ships of the dangerous rocks.

Sadly, the lighthouse was still closed when we visited but during the summer months, it opens for tours where you can view the engine room and climb to the top of the lighthouse.

The scenery was breathtaking and it was still worth the trip.

south stack lighthouse anglesey wales roseanna sunley

After the lighthouse, we covered a few miles exploring the trails and completing more of the Anglesey coastal path before retiring back to the campsite for the afternoon.

anglesey wales dog walking roseanna sunley

The evening was spent reading before a hot shower and an early night.

Day 3 – Campsite living

Aside from a morning and evening dog walk out of the campsite (still totaling about 6 miles), we spent the next day on site.

I had to check my passive income streams, catch up on a bit of reading, and get the solar panels out to recharge my portable battery.

On top of that, this was also my first opportunity to unbox the paddle board and check it out. (I have recorded an unboxing video and will be publishing it on YouTube in the near future.)

paddle board roseanna sunley

I know this may seem like a boring day, but I actually really enjoy these days. I can’t go 100mph every day and days on the campsite are the perfect opportunity to chill out, destress, and just enjoy, well, camping!

Day 4 – Paddle boarding!

With warmer weather and calmer winds, our fourth day was the perfect day to try out our new paddle board!

I am going to do a whole post on our paddle boarding experience so I’ll not talk about it too much now, but to sum things up, it went very well!

Winston took to it very easily (probably because he’s been use to kayaking with me), although he was obsessed with the floating seaweed that we passed in the water. No idea why.

dog paddle boarding anglesey wales roseanna sunley

I managed to stand up for short periods but decided to stay kneeling in case Winston jumped off and pushed the board out from underneath me.

We went out twice in total; once in the late morning, and second in the early evening. Both times were a huge success.

Here’s a short montage video I made from the action cam footage.

Day 5 – More exploring

On the fifth day, we were up bright and early to do an 11-mile hike that I had found on the AllTrails app. It was a circular loop on the south side of the island.

After about a 25-min drive, we were parked up, booted up, and ready to go!

Disaster struck about 4.5miles into the walk when a sign informed me that my dog wasn’t allowed on a certain part of the beach. I always seem to run into a blockage every time I go hiking whilst camping, usually it’s no access due to forestry work. I guess I’m just lucky like that.

dogs not allowed on beach anglesey wales roseanna sunley

The most frustrating part was that the area where he was not allowed was the exact route we needed to take.

I managed to find a track that ran parallel to the beach and I had to settle with just longingly looking through the tall trees at the water instead.

woodland near beach anglesey roseanna sunley

Eventually, we got to some sand dunes where we could go and take some pictures of the beautiful scenery and the island that we were not allowed to go on (which was gutting because I think it had a few historic buildings/monuments that would have been cool to see).

beach anglesey wales roseanna sunley

The water was still and the weather was warm, making for perfect paddle boarding conditions. Sadly, at this point, my paddle board was almost 6-miles in the opposite direction, otherwise, we would have definitely spent some time on the water that morning.

We later double-backed on ourselves (towards the area of the beach where Winston was allowed) and I enjoyed a long barefoot walk through the sea whilst gazing at the mountains of Snowdonia National Park in the distance, before having to boot up again ready to tackle some more sanddunes on the way back to the van.

winston beach anglesey roseanna sunley

In total, we clocked up just short of 9-miles.

anglesey wales roseanna sunley

The evening was spent resting in the tent and I watched a movie on Amazon Prime called Adrift; a true story of survival about a couple who sailed through a storm. I would recommend it.

Day 6 – Rain, rain, rain

As per the subtitle, on the sixth day there was non-stop showers.

Winston was still tired from the previous day’s hike (he can’t go all day every day like he use to when he was younger) so we stayed put in the tent.

dog asleep in tent roseanna sunley

I caught up on some laptop work, did a bit of reading, and ordered some groceries through Tesco’s Click and Collect to be picked up when we got home.

Day 7 – Hometime

The adventure had come to an end.

Rain was forecasted again in the late morning, and there’s nothing worse than having to pack away a tent whilst it’s wet, so we got up bright and early to dismantle everything whilst the weather was still on our side.

We were on the road, heading home, just after 9am.

Day 7 – One more adventure…

After reversing into my drive at home, I got out of my van and immediately heard a hissing noise. I slightly panicked thinking that it was coming from the engine.

I had a quick look and noticed a nail in the driver’s side front tyre, and when I put my hand over it, I could feel the air escaping.

At this moment, the tyre was still inflated so I put Winston in the house and quickly drove to Kwik Fit; a garage just around the corner.

I sat in the waiting room, all sweaty, dirty, and smelly from taking the tent down, whilst Dory (my van) was up on the ramp, still packed full to the brim, getting a new pair of shoes fitted.

Two hours later, I was finally home and ready to unpack.

First adventure done!

This trip really took it out of me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old or because the first trip of the year is usually the hardest, but I was exhausted when I got home.

I enjoyed our time in Anglesey and have lots of great memories and photos (the whole reason why I like adventures), but at the time of writing this, I have no more adventures planned, apart from a few day trips.

Is this the end?

…You’ll have to subscribe and see 🙂

Roseanna x

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