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My last camping trip of 2020 was at The Camping and Caravanning Club Site in Hayfield, High Peak.

It’s located in the north of the Peak District, right on the doorstep of Kinder Scout.

The site

I arrived just after the Bank Holiday weekend when all the kids were going back to school, and so, the place was practically empty!

hayfield campsite

If you’ve read my other camping posts, you’ll know that I LOVE a quiet campsite, so this suited me down to the ground.

The site was immaculately kept (I almost felt rude pitching my tent and messing up the lawned area) and the facilities that were open (some closed due to COVID) were clean and spacious also.

On the doorstep

I do love a good hike, therefore, the location of this campsite could not have been more perfect. Upon exiting the site, there were a lot of route options!

hayfield campsite routes

Over the course of the week, I explored Kinder Reservoir, Kinder Scout, Kinder Low, South Head, Mount Famine, Snake Path, and the moors.

There was no shortage of places and trails to discover and even if I had stayed another week, I don’t think I would have had to walk the same route twice!

In fact, one gentleman had been there for almost three weeks with his two dogs. He told me that he loves the place and stays for several weeks every year. After my short stay, I can definitely see why.

Views, views, and views!

Every day I was spoilt with 365-degree views of open countryside. It really was Britain at it’s best!

hiking kinder scout

You have an amazing view and stop to take it all in. You then continue walking only to be confronted with another amazing view shortly after. You stop again to take it all in, and the cycle continues. This pretty much sums up my whole week!

mount famine


Something that I should note is that due to the campsite’s location (which is in a valley) no matter which way you walk, you’re probably going to be walking uphill! …and it’s probably going to be fairly steep!

campsite at hayfield

Obviously, this is what provides you with such great views and if you don’t mind a decent accent then you’ll be fine. However, if you personally prefer more casual strolls on flatter ground, then this isn’t going to be a campsite for you.

An emotional climb

On the day I climbed Kinder Scout with my little rescue dog, Winston, I realized that it might be his last big hike.

I have no other large hikes planned for the rest of the year and I think he may be too old to take on such strenuous challenges come next spring.

hiking with dog

Although he has no loss of enthusiasm on the way up, it’s clear that he can’t recover from these adventures as quickly as he use to, therefore, our walks next year may have to be a little more sedate.

In light of such, we had a small celebration and an emotional moment at what might have been his last ever trig point photo.

kinder scout low trig

Overall thoughts

I had one of the BEST weeks camping at the Hayfield site and it’s definitely one that I will look forward to re-visiting.

I came home with tired legs but a full heart and a full camera roll.

A brilliant end to my 2020 camping adventures.

Roseanna x

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