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The Bakewell campsite, just outside of Youlgreave, is my third Camping and Caravanning Club site, and so far, it’s my absolute favorite!

(The other two sites were Cannock Chase, Staffordshire and Ebury Hill, Shrewsbury)

I stayed from the 17th-21st August 2020 and I had a great time.

Here’s why…

The site

youlgreave bakewell camp

Due to this site being located on the outskirts of a small Derbyshire village, it’s very difficult to get to if you have a large caravan or motorhome. This meant that the site was home to only those with a more modest set-up, or those that had a tent (like me.)

The overall result was an extremely peaceful site with lots of space, not to mention some great views!

campsite youlgreave

NOTE: I should make you aware that there are no shower or toilet facilities on this site, so if you do choose to go, make sure you have your own provisions.

Dog friendly

In my last camping post where I shared my experience of Ebury Hill Campsite in Shrewbury (you can check that post out here), I noted that I didn’t find the site to be very dog friendly since I had to keep my dog on a lead even on the site’s designated dog walk.

This site didn’t have a dog-walking area per se, but they did have a small mown area which was more than suitable for me to throw my dog’s ball around and allow him to have some fun. (A life on a lead is no life for a dog, in my opinion.)

Now, I’m not entirely sure if dogs had to be kept on a lead in that area as the leaflet I was provided with when I arrived could have been interpreted in two ways, however, I did see a few other people letting their dogs run loose in this part so I didn’t think it would be a problem if I did the same.

(My dog is actually in this photo. See if you can spot him. Answer at the bottom of this post.)

There’s also a very conveniently placed bench which gives you some lovely views to look out on whilst having an early morning cup of tea.

Working wi-fi

Youlgreave campsite has also been the first Caravanning and Camping Club Site that I have visited that has advertised wi-fi and, indeed, does have wi-fi!

I was happily surprised when one of the first things I was told when arriving on-site was, “Here is the wi-fi code.”

The connection wasn’t lightning-fast, but it was more than adequate for a campsite, especially one in a remote place. It did get a little slower in the evenings when more happy campers were making use of it, but overall, I was more than satisfied with it.

In the rare case when it did get a little too slow, I just switched over to my mobile wi-fi and connected to my personal hotspot.

working from tent

Wi-fi is a BIG thing for me, especially since I still have to do some work whilst I’m away. This site gets a thumbs up for connectivity from me.

Oh, the British weather

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with the best weather conditions for my week of camping. However, I did manage to plan our adventures around most of the daily downpours.

We did get caught in the rain a few times, but a decent raincoat and waterproof pants meant that I stayed warm and dry whilst we made our way back to the tent. (My dog had already been swimming in the River Bradford all day so he couldn’t get any wetter if he tried!)

roseanna sunley adventure

One of the days did forecast rain for the whole day, so we had a cozy tent day instead. This allowed Winston to recover from his adventures the previous day and allowed me to catch up on my reading and some website work.

tent day winston

As you can see, being stuck in the tent all day wasn’t that bad.

winston tent day


As we explored the trails from the campsite, we found a designated wild-swimming area that allowed you to take a dip in the River Bradford.

wild swimming area

Some of the locals told me that this spot was purposely carved out for swimming back in the Victorian era, and on hot days, the place gets rather busy!

wild swimming youlgreave

To help ensure that we got the place to ourselves, Winston and I went in for a dip early one morning. The water was so clear I could see the bottom and even some fish!

I’ll admit, the water was a tad cold when first getting in, but after a few moments, it was very refreshing.

Winston did come and swim around with me a few times, but it was difficult for him to get in and out of the river on his own (I had to lift him with his harness), so he then proceeded to simply drop his toy in the water so that I could do my human duties and throw it for him.

A very fun morning for both of us.

Overall thoughts

If you’ve read my other camping posts, you’ll know that I prefer to be left alone to work or relax when I’m on the site. This is the first campsite where I was able to do just that – and it was brilliant!

roseanna sunley camping

Although the weather wasn’t the best it could have been, this has still been my most favorite camping trip so far. We had great walks and adventures during the day, contrasted with peaceful quiet time at the campsite in the evening.


The next stop is Hayfield at High Peak, so stay tuned!

Roseanna x

(If you didn’t manage to find my dog in the photo, he’s over on the right-hand side, under the tree, laying down. He looks like a rock!) 

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