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The Camping and Caravanning Club Site at Ebury Hill is situated on a small piece of history.

Almost 3000 years ago, the area where I pitched my tent was an Iron Age hill fort!

Although in truth, I would never have known that if I had not read it on their website. Nothing about the campsite screams ‘hill fort’.

The site

ebury hill camping and caravan

There are lots to like about this site.

It is located over two levels and it’s nice to be able to pitch in between the trees giving it a real natural feel, rather than a man-made manicured lawn.

Due to the history of the site, it has no showers or toilet facilities, so you will need your own provisions, but even if you’re staying in a tent (like me) that’s easily sorted.

Dog friendly?

The campsite is advertised as dog friendly, and yes, I suppose it is.

Dogs are allowed but they must always be kept on a lead. This is a pretty standard rule for most campsites.

One of the reasons I booked a pitch at Ebury Hill was that it advertised a dog walk. However, this was a little disappointing in that you could walk the trail in less than 10 minutes – and that’s at a casual stroll!

camping at ebury hill dog walk

It was also rather frustrating that, again, dogs had to be kept on leads whilst on the dog walk; if I had wanted to give my dog a lead walk, I could have simply walked him around the campsite!

The site also boasts its own private lake filled with carp, perch, roach, and tench (yey for you fisherman) but dogs are not allowed to go swimming in it even if there is nobody fishing (ney for us water-loving-dog owners).

So, you can take your dog to Ebury Hill, but it’s not allowed to have any fun whilst on-site and must only walk on a lead.

Luckily, a bridle path passes straight through the campsite, and after crossing two fields of sheep you enter some woods where your dog can finally have some freedom and enjoy being a dog!

camping at ebury hill woods

Walking routes

After exiting the campsite through the sheep fields and into the woods, you can join up with the Shropshire Way giving you miles of trails to follow.

A few must-sees along these trails are Haughmond Abbey, which is free to enter and wander around…

haughmond abbey roseanna sunley

…and a trek up to Haughmond Hill Viewpoint.

haughmound viewpoint roseanna

You may also find a few other little sights and gems as you continue to explore.

ebury hill shrewsbury walks

Breaking the rules…

If you’ve spent any time looking around my blog, you would have noticed that I also review business books. 

After my dog and I get back from our morning walking adventures, I like to spend the afternoons reading. This is the ideal time to crack out a book whilst I am away camping.

With two trees conveniently located right next to my tent, I excitedly used this opportunity to put up my hammock.

The hammock attaches to the trees by ropes around its trunk. It is easy to put up and remove and does not damage the tree in any way. (You can check it out here on Amazon)

hammock camping roseanna sunley

However, I was soon told that I had to take it down. The reason they gave was that if a herd of deer ran through the campsite, they may run into it. (In reality, I think it was more of a health and safety concern.)

I followed the rules and took it down, but I was a little disappointed that this simple pleasure wasn’t allowed.

Peace and quiet?

I did feel a little penned it with caravans and campervans in front of me, behind me, and to the left and right of me, and because of that, I wouldn’t describe the site as quiet and peaceful.

Everyone was friendly, but it was difficult even to simply sit and relax without someone or something bothering you.

So much so that I packed up and left a day earlier. I was trying to relax on my last evening but with one group playing YouTube videos and another having a family domestic, it made more sense to pack up then and there.

I think if I was allocated another pitch out of the way, I may have come away with a different opinion. I guess it’s just luck of the draw who you’re located next to.

Wi-fi and working

This is the second Camping and Caravanning Club site (the first one being Cannock Chase) that I have visited which has advertised Club WiFi, but in reality, has delivered zero connectivity.

working from tent roseanna

They do state that ‘100% coverage cannot be guaranteed’, which is understandable, but I got ZERO for the whole four days.

Luckily, I had good mobile reception, so I was able to use my phone as a hotspot and was able to do some work in the evenings whilst my dog slept off the day’s adventures.

Overall thoughts

Ebury Hill is a very nice site that will tick all the boxes for a lot of people. However, it did not tick all the boxes for me personally.

I very much enjoyed my daytime walks away from the campsite but felt very restricted as to what my dog and I could and couldn’t do when on the site.

I also felt I lacked a bit of privacy and it was difficult for me to simply relax outside of my tent.

So overall, it is not a bad campsite, but it’s not a site for me.

Stay tuned for the next adventure.

Roseanna x

Next stop: Camping at Youlgreave, Bakewell

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