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Okay, I’m getting the hang of this now!

At this point, I was over a week into my 3-week adventure (approaching the halfway mark) and Verwood was my third camping stop of the trip.

Previous posts in this adventure include:

Yes, Verwood was another Camping and Caravanning Club site and I had booked 4 nights from the 20th-24th April 2021.

Here’s what happened.

On the way…

Driving from my previous campsite of Veryan in Cornwall, I originally planned a stop-off at Branscombe Beach.

The plan was to walk Hooken Cliffs and enjoy some food from the Sea Shanty Beach Cafe located right next to the car park.

However, the night before the drive I was doing some research into the cost of parking, where to walk, if dogs were allowed on the beach, what to get from the cafe etc., and sadly, my research was not positive – especially when it came to the company who ran the car park!

After a bit of thought, I decided to ditch the idea and just drive straight to Verwood. It was going to be a long day anyway, and the sooner I could get pitched, the better!


Upon my arrival to Verwood I was met by a very happy and helpful group of ladies.

Frequent readers will know by now that I always put in a special request to have a quiet and ‘out of the way’ pitch. More often than not, this request is fullfilled, however, at Verwood, they were struggling a bit.

All of their grass-only pitches (which is what I had booked) were located in the center of the site and were surrounded by hardstanding and electric pitches. Not really what you would describe as being out of the way.

If that was all they had available, then I was happy to accept that, but after a bit of thinking, one of the ladies opted to give me an electric pitch on my own patch of grass as long as I promised not to use the electricity. I gave her my best Scout’s honor promise!

This was exceeding kind of them and set the tone for the rest of my stay.

The site

The pictures on the website were very different to the site I visited, but in a good way!

It seemed that Verwood had just undergone a renovation. The hardstanding pitches looked brand new; recently and perfectly leveled with fresh turf placed around them.

verwood new hardstanding pitches camping roseanna sunley

Near the entrance of the site, you can also find some quirky stuff such as a bug hotel (or Ver-bug Hotel) complete with small mischievous gnomes…

bug hotel verwood roseanna sunley camping

…and a wooden train filled with flowers.

lady di wooden train plant pot verwood camping roseanna sunley

Okay, I get that they’re not terribly exciting, but they did add a nice touch when wandering around the campsite.


After miles of coastal walking down in Veryan, the plan was to take it a bit easier around Verwood.

Thankfully, the site had great access to a wood with a public footpath passing through it. You could exit the campsite and easily explore.

morning woodland walks with dog roseanna sunley camping verwood

Although we did some exploring, we didn’t go that far, probably no more than 7miles.

In hindsight, I would have liked to go a bit further afield. There was lots to see, including The New Forest, the Jurassic Coast, and Bournemouth Pier and Beach but I was very conscious of trying to cram too much into our adventure and burning ourselves out – especially my dog, who was now in his senior years.

Instead, I opted to take this stop at a more relaxed pace and, still, we had a lovely time.

dog in wood with violet lavendar roseanna sunley

When walking through the woodland, on two occasions, I was lucky enough to see some deer.

This was very exciting for me! Although we have a fair amount of deer here in the UK, this was the first time I had seen them in the flesh.

In truth, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them if it wasn’t for my dog, Winston. He usually runs ahead of me and it was the sound of him rummaging through the bushes that alerted and startled the deer, causing them to run in more of my direction and I was able to watch them go past.

It was one of those moments where you wish you had taken a video, but at the time, you’re just entranced by watching them go past.

No rest for the wicked

Although my ‘taking it easy’ plan was a great opportunity for my dog to rest, I don’t get the same luxury.

dog winston sleeping in tent roseanns sunley camping

I needed to check how my websites and passive income streams were performing, manage and tweak some advertising campaigns, along with edit and schedule a couple of podcast episodes.

The site was quiet, my dog was asleep, the weather was pleasant, and my tent doors were wide open; it was a great time to grab a drink and crack open the laptop for a few hours.

working from tent roseanna sunley

The wi-fi was brilliant and I was able to peacefully sit there and type away until my heart was content.

Once my online work was done, I spent time reading and researching for a new project I’m working on with my other business.

reading in tent with dog roseanna sunley camping

Although it’s still work, I’m sure that are far worse ways to make a living.


Knowing I’d be working all day, I thought that I deserved a treat!

Up until this point, I had been eating mainly tinned food. Which was ok, there was nothing to complain about, but it’s not the same as fresh food.

So, I decided to order some fish and chips and have them delivered to the campsite.

I rang the order in at around 1pm and then daydreamed about them the rest of the afternoon until they arrived at 5:30pm.

I ordered a battered cod, a portion of chips, mushy peas, an un-battered sausage (for Winston), and some scraps (sometimes known as batter bits), all covered in salt and vinegar!

They arrived, I took the necessary food photos (see below), and then prepared myself to dig in!

fish and chip delivery takeout roseanna sunley

Sadly, I was extremely disappointed. ?

Firstly, because they forgot the salt and vinegar (and in my opinion chips are bland without salt and vinegar), and secondly because the fish was more batter than it was fish. It seemed as though it had been battered several times and the fish had dried out in the middle.

In the end, I gave most of it to Winston and I opened a tin of soup!

Pamper day

On my last full day at this site, I took advantage of the sunny weather and had what I could only describe as a pamper day.

However, please do take that term with a pinch of salt as I still did not have access to a proper shower, sink, toilet, or any bathroom facilities.

Throughout my adventure thus far, showers were quick! I was, after all, washing in cold water, so I was trying to get it over and done with as fast as possible. But after almost 10-days, a deeper clean was in order!

Thanks to the sunshine, I was able to spend a whole afternoon cleaning myself up, washing and drying my hair, and carrying out some well-needed grooming.

I felt so sparkly clean afterwards! ?

shower camping roseanna sunley

Break over

Our half-way break was now over and it was once again time for the dreaded move!

I was now an absolute pro at packing everything away in the van; everything had its place and it all fit together like one giant game of tetras.

We were now heading further east along the south coast to Norman’s Bay in East Sussex, this time trading the woodland for the beach.

The adventure continues…

Roseanna x

NEXT STOP: Camping at Normans Bay, East Sussex (Part 5)

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