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Getting Ready for My First Solo Trip

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After blowing up my company back in December 2016, I decided that I wasn’t going to be shackled to my desk anymore and that 2017 was going to be the year I started to travel.

I’m re-designing my life to make the most of the digital era where I can work when I want, and from where I want – I just need my laptop and a wi-fi connection.

I put together my travel bucket list earlier this year detailing all the places that I want to check off my list before the end of 2017.

I’m now less than a week away from getting on a plane and taking my first solo trip.

Super skin-tight budget

Currently, I have very little financial resources. In other words, I’m totally skint.

I put my company into voluntary liquidation, so no money there. I set this website up [originally] a little over two months ago, and I have few pennies coming in from here, (but nothing groundbreaking as it’s still so new) and I started freelancing as a website builder a few weeks ago, which is bringing in the bulk of the pennies.

Needless to say that I’m not exactly rolling it in. I definitely fall into the category of a “budget traveler” without a shadow of a doubt.

But that’s ok. It’s only money. Pieces of paper that mean nothing to any other living thing except humans.

I am perfectly healthy. I have air in my lungs, and my heart keeps beating. I have the gift of sight, and all my limbs are fully functioning. For this, I am truly grateful. There will always be ways to make more money and eventually I will have a steady income stream once again.

But in the meantime, I just have to be resourceful and plan carefully.

Planning time

My ultimate plan was to visit one new country from travel bucket list every month, starting in February.

However, February came and went, and I missed that deadline…!

To stay on track, I decided to visit two places in this month of March – Budapest and Vienna. These two cities are close together, and I can get from one to the other via a 3.5hour bus journey.

Here’s my plan

  • I fly from Birmingham Airport (UK) to Budapest (Hungary) via Wizz Air
  • 4 nights in a hostel in Budapest
  • Catch a bus from Budapest to Vienna (Austria) via FlixBus
  • 3 nights in a hostel in Vienna
  • Fly from Vienna back to Manchester Airport (UK) via EasyJet

The flights, bus transport, and hostels cost me less than £175 ($213) I did high-five myself for that result after booking everything.

Panic time

Okay, so this is it.

I’m really doing it.

No going back now.

What if I get lost?

What if I lose my passport?

What if something gets stolen?

and other over-dramatic world-ending thoughts. 

This is only my third time on a commercial flight, and only my fourth time visiting a foreign country. And more importantly, it’s my first time going alone!

I’m frantically researching what you are and aren’t allowed to take on a plane so that I don’t get held up at security. This is still so new to me that I don’t know all the rules.

I am trying to make sure that I am uber prepared. Everything must go to plan because I have zero funds to pay for alternatives. (I put that in bold because I felt that I needed to stress how important that point was.)

Adventure time

Time to reassure myself that I can do this. I have gotten through some seriously tough times, so a few flights and some bus rides should be a piece of cake.

…and I’m meant to enjoy this!

If I stay in my own little bubble and inside my comfort zone, then I’ll never experience anything. Each year of my life would just be a repeat of the previous one – which scares me a hell of a lot more than getting lost in Budapest.

I know that I’m going to have a great time, and once I have done my first solo trip, I’ll feel much more comfortable on the other ten that I have got planned for this year!

To sum it up, I am a huge mess of excitement and nerves. But without those feelings, it wouldn’t be an adventure, would it?

“To live would be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan

Roseanna x 

Have you ever taken a foreign solo trip? If so, how did you feel the first time going alone?

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