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If you’ve ever checked out my Instagram you would have noticed that I have a (very cute) spaniel named Winston.

He’s a rescue dog that I brought home almost 6 years ago when he was 14 months old, and without sounding cliche, he is my best friend and we’ve enjoyed lots of long walks and hikes together.

I can’t explain it, but hiking just seems to be much more enjoyable when you’ve got a dog happily plodding along with you.

Of course, when you take a dog hiking, there are other things that you have to consider, and I’ve detailed them for you in this post – 12 Things You Need to Consider Before Taking Your Dog Hiking

But for now, I just want to inspire you to make the most of your four-legged friends and explore the world together. And what better way to do that than by showing you a collection of my favorite pictures from my hikes with Winston 🙂

A small disclaimer before I get into the photos: I’m not (by any stretch of the imagination) a professional photographer, I simply point and shoot, so don’t expect anything too artistic!

1. Hiking buddies

rest stop roseanna sunley hiking gritsone trail travel blog

2. Made it to the top

bosley cloud view roseanna sunley travel blog

3. Are we going this way?

winston hiking the gritstone trail roseanna sunley travel blog

4. Get my good side

winston hiking gritstone trail roseanna sunley travel blog

5. Watching the sunset

watching the sunset roseanna sunley travel blog wildcamping hiking bosley cloud

6. Watching the sunrise

roseanna sunley travel blog wildcamping bosley cloud

7. Water break

brak time girtstone trail peak district roseanna sunley travel blog

8. Admiring the view

bosley cloud trig point roseanna sunley travel blog

9. Styles? No problem!

winston hiking gritstone trail travel blog roseanna sunley

10. Pit stop

hiking with dog travel blog roseanna sunley

11. Cuddle break

dogs and hiking gritstone trail white nancy roseanna sunley travel blog

12. Autumn hikes

roseanna sunley travel blog peak district bosley cloud hiking

13. What are you looking at?

bosley cloud the peak district hiking roseanna sunley travel blog

14. Only pack the essentials

hiking with dog roseanna sunley travel blog

15. Don’t look down

bosley cloud view roseanna sunley travel blog gritstone trail

16. Paddle time

feet in canal roseanna sunley travel blog hiking gritstone trail

17. Playtime

dog walks roseanna sunley travel winston

18. What are you doing over there?

dogs hiking roseanna sunley travel blogger

19. What do you mean we’re lost?

hiking with a dog roseanna sunley travel

20. Before the storm

hiking with dogs roseanna sunley travel winston

21. Strike a pose

hiking with dogs winston roseanna sunley travel

22. Staaayyyy…..

hiking with your dog photo roseanna sunley travel blog

23. What is this rain that you speak of?

hiking with your dog winston travel blog roseanna sunley

24. Snow day

roseanna sunley travel hiking in snow with dog

25. Adventure dog

taking your dog hiking roseanna sunley travel

26. Ready to go

winston dog photos roseanna sunley travel

27. Everything the light touches…

winston hiking dog walks roseanna sunley travel

28. Water sports

winston in water dog photos roseanna sunley travel

29. Happy boy!

winston take dog hiking roseanna sunley travel

30. Follow me!

kinder reservoir moors

31. Wild and free

hiking kinder scout

32. Green is my favorite colour

33. No, I’ve not been in the water

roseanna sunley adventure

34. Best friends! 

haughmond view point roseanna

I have so many more photos!

I have to admit that choosing just a handful of photos for this post was very hard; I have over 4000 photos of Winston on my laptop!! (other crazy dog moms will know the struggle).

But if you want to see more, Winston has his very own Instagram hashtag (yes, you read that correctly) and my housemate and I are always posting new photos. Just follow #LifeOfWinstonWiggles

I’d also love to see your photos of you adventuring with your dog. Just tag me on Instagram and I’ll be sure to see it (@RoseannaSunley)

Roseanna x 

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