kinder scout hiking route

At the end of summer 2020, I spent a week camping in the Peak District at the bottom of Kinder Scout.

(You can read more about my time camping here – Camping at Hayfield, near Kinder Scout)

What is Kinder Scout?

Boasting unforgettable views, including a reservoir and waterfall, Kinder Scout is the highest point in the Peak District and the highest point in the East Midlands (UK).

Its moorland plateau is approximately 2087ft (636 meters) above sea level, so as you can imagine, it offers some spectacular views.

My hiking route

Since I was camping so close by, I would have been crazy not to have taken the opportunity to hike to the top.

Here’s the route I took.

My fave photos

Although I only had my iPhone XR on hand, I couldn’t help by snap a few photos.

I am far from a professional photographer – I just point, shoot, and hope for the best – but here are 11 of my favourite pictures from my mini-adventure.

(Also, I was hiking with my dog, Winston, so naturally, he’s in some of the photos too!)

kinder reservoir moors
hiking kinder scout
hiking with dog
kinder reservoir
kinder reservoir from top of kinder scout
kinder reservoir bottom
kinder scout top
kinder scout
top of kinder scout
kinder scout hiking route
Kinder scout rocks

Have you been?

This hike is one that I would happily do again if I got the chance. I’ll admit, the initial incline was challenging, but the views from the top were well worth the sweat!

Let me know if you you’ve ever hiked Kinder Scout (or if you plan to) in the comments below. 🙂

Roseanna x

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