How to Refresh Yourself from Travelling & Adventures

Have you ever returned from a holiday only to feel that you need another holiday to recover from the first?

Going camping, travelling or heading out for a mini-adventure can be fun, but it can be exhausting, too.

If you’re planning an excursion, here are some top tips on how to make the most of your break and how to refresh yourself when you get home.

Before you go …

It’s often said that “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and not properly preparing for your adventure can leave you feeling drained when you get home.

#1 – Research your trip but don’t over-plan

Well-planned holidays can keep stress to a minimum. If you have a clear idea of where you’re going and what you want to do while you’re away, you’ll avoid the “headless chicken mode” frustration that can kick in.

That said, don’t over-plan, as that can take the surprise element out of your adventure and spoil the experience. Similarly, although it can be a good idea to book some activities in advance, don’t tie yourself to a strict itinerary.

So, have a good idea of where you’re going and what you’d like to see, but keep your options open so that you can take last-minute detours when you want to. If you return from holiday feeling that you’ve fulfilled all your ambitions for the trip, you’ll feel much happier, satisfied, and fresher for the break.

#2 – Change your bed linen

Although it may sound somewhat random, changing the sheets on your bed before you go away is a great idea.

Sliding into a freshly-made bed after a relaxing bath or shower with your head full of happy holiday memories is virtually guaranteed to give you a sound night’s sleep. You’ll wake refreshed and ready to face returning to work with renewed vigor.

While you’re on your adventure …

Although it can be tempting to cram as much into every day as you can, that’s a sure-fire way of achieving burn-out.

So, take care that you don’t stay so busy that you don’t have time to unwind and savor the experience. That way, you’re more likely to feel refreshed, rested, and chilled out when you come home.

#3 – Disconnect from work

To get the full benefit of a holiday, you must switch off from the pressures of work. Even if you’re incorporating some work into your break, it’s important to spend quality time immersed in the sights, sounds, and experiences that your destination has to offer or simply relaxing and enjoying some “me time.”

If you must stay in touch with work, plan 30 minutes into each day of your break to deal with emails, social media accounts, etc., and spend the rest of the time enjoying your holiday.

When you get home …

So, hopefully, you’ve returned from holiday feeling relaxed but perhaps a little tired. Here are a few tips on how to refresh yourself after your trip.

#4 – Unpack right away

Although it may be tempting to leave it till tomorrow, unpack your stuff as soon as you get home.

Empty your suitcase, sort out what needs washing, and make a start on the laundry. If you’ve been camping, put all your kit away, dry your tent if necessary, and set aside anything that needs repairing.

If you leave it, you may find that all of your stuff just sits in a corner and never gets unpacked.

#5 – Hydrate

Dehydration is a common problem for travelers, especially if you’re flying.

When your body lacks fluids, you will feel tired and drained.

So, combat the effects of dehydration by drinking plenty of water once you’ve arrived back home.

#6 – Mini-pamper

Just as it’s important to have some “me time” while you’re on holiday, the same is essential when you come home.

Once you’ve unpacked everything, take the time to have a long, relaxing bath or shower, maybe spend some time giving yourself a manicure or pedicure, refresh tired skin with a face mask, and indulge in some serious moisturizing treatment.

Pampering is great for helping to relax and refresh you, especially if you’ve been on a camping or hiking trip with only basic facilities.

#7 – Sleep tight

A good night’s sleep is essential to refresh you, and most people sleep better when at home in their own bed and in familiar surroundings.

Try not to think about what’s waiting for you at work. Once your mind starts whirring, you’ll struggle to fall asleep. Instead, fill your mind with pleasant holiday memories, drift off to sleep quickly, and wake the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to enter the fray.

#8 – Eat properly

After a busy holiday, you’ll need to refuel your body so that you don’t feel tired.

Rather than call your local takeaway, try to eat a healthy meal to give your body a nutritional boost. If you know that you won’t feel like cooking when you get home, then prepare a meal in advance and freeze it.

#9 – Sort out your holiday photos, videos, etc.

As a way of rounding off your holiday adventure, sit down with a cuppa and sort through all your photos, videos, and souvenirs.

Reminiscing is a great way to relive and enjoy your holiday all over again and can also provide you with ideas and inspiration for your next break.

…and now you’re ready to go again!

Travelling can be exhausting! So, when you come home after your much-anticipated adventure, take note of my top tips to make sure that you return to work feeling refreshed rather than in need of another holiday!

Do you have any other tried and tested ways of refreshing yourself after a travel adventure? If so, share them in the comments box below.

Roseanna x

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